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When the customer sees how the work of the Contractor, it becomes easier to understand the process of creating a design for his project. Thus, the client can assess the extent of my professionalism and decide on a mutually beneficial business cooperation.


In general, I love the story. When I start a project I’m developing in the first place, referring to the history of the product, for which you create a design, tradition and technology by means of which make the product.

1. Study

First of all, it is necessary to conduct a study. After reviewing a number of useful sources where there is a description and the necessary information, I gather it all together and spend a thorough analysis and structuring. It depends on the quality and the desired result. As an example, I’ll show you the full cycle of creation of one of my works – designing a logo for fish cuisine restaurant TANGAN’IKA.


I will not list all the sources that are used for the development of the logo, except to say that Lake Tanganyika is the second greatness and depth freshwater lake in the world after Lake Baikal and the world’s longest freshwater lake. It is also crystal clear and there are countless lives of unique species of flora and fauna. This is a truly exotic location.


2. Sketches

After research I created sketches in pencil. Despite the fact that we live in an age of modern technology, nothing can replace the drawing in pencil. This allows most accurately portray the idea on paper. Not all customers need to provide the first sketches, many want to see the finished version of the digitized. These issues are discussed before the beginning of cooperation.


3. Digitization

After approval by the Customer sketches, I begin digitizing sketches. I use licensed graphics editor latest version from Adobe: Illustrator CS, Photoshop CS, InDesign CS. This eliminates the possibility of malfunction when working on the project and the incorrectness of data storage. Also, it allows you to save files in earlier versions because not everyone has the latest software, and not all printing immediately transferred to the new product. After digitizing the sketch, I save and export the files into different formats for the convenience of the Client: .ai .eps .pdf .jpeg .png.


It worked out a unique typography



4. Presentation on the media

After a successful digitization project, I imagine the customer preview of the project in the so-called Mock-ups. This allows the client to understand how the work would look in different media: business cards, letterhead, signage, packaging, any natural material, website, etc.







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